KRAFTON: PUBG gains 80k new players daily since moving to F2P


KRAFTON reported a significant player base influx in PUBG and record sales for the first half of 2022. They are gaining 80,000 new players per day since moving to the free-to-play model. These numbers were presented in the financial press release.

KRAFTON earned about $730 million in revenue and its net profit reached $338 million during this period. They grew 33% in that metric compared to last year and set up a new record. Most revenue — about $550 million — comes from their mobile department, where PUBG continues to top the global charts.

PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS on PC and consoles was also rejuvenated by going free-to-play and brought 20% more revenue. Although, the claimed 80k new daily players may seem an overly positive review. For example, SteamDB shows player increase expectedly peaking in January but then going back to normal over the course of several months.

Source: SteamDB


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