"There will be no next time." New PUBG map Deston cinematic trailer released


Krafton has released a cinematic trailer for the new Deston map for PUBG: Battlegrounds titled " Rise From The Ground." The video was published on the battle royale YouTube channel.

In the footage, a mercenary climbs down a skyscraper using a new ascender equipment when one of the windows explodes in front of him. The trailer also reveals an airboat traveling through the flooded city.

The new map will be available to everyone on July 13. It will feature a great landscape diversity, mixing futuristic city with swamp areas. There will be gadgets for climbing skyscrapers, an airboat, an Origin-12 shotgun, and other upgrades. Deston will be the ninth map in the game.

The developers previously livestreamed the map and released a website where players can visit every location and learn about drop spots and other specifics. There's also a VR tour available for better immersion.


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