Overwatch devs promise to fix DPS charge passive issues in Season 3


Overwatch 2 developer Jared Neuss responded to the community criticism of continuing the DPS charge issue. He promised to fix the situation and apologized for the lack of communication, which he blames for the growing annoyance in the community.

The ongoing problem with tanks not receiving enough attention due to the meta will presumably be addressed in Season 3. Jared claimed that the team worked on the matter for some time but didn't communicate it to the fans. This will also supposedly change, as Blizzard is planning to set up "weekly or biweekly" informative updates.

The ongoing issue is the passive ability of DPS heroes. They transfer 30% of the ultimate ability charge to the next character picked in the middle of the game. The change stimulates counter-picking but creates a new problem with tanks. It's more profitable to switch to a support hero since those usually have shorter ultimate charges. Tanks do not have the 30% bonus, so the new ways don't work for them just as well. They also have to deal with more ultimates on average per game.

The season 3 release date wasn't announced yet, but it should arrive in two weeks. A typical Overwatch update period lasts for roughly two months. Season 2 launched on December 6, so the estimated date for S3 is February 7, 2023.


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