Kiriko bug blocks headshots in Overwatch 2


The latest Overwatch heroine Kiriko has a critical glitch that blocks most headshots under certain conditions. The exploit was revealed by Florida Mayhem partner Flats on stream.

He used Widowmaker o demonstrate the issue: "If I was trying to fight Kiriko, I actually don’t think I can headshot her from any direction." When Kiriko looks upward, some shots at her go completely missing. The bug doesn't trigger from the rear, and Flats was able to hit her once from that specific angle.

Apparently, Kiriko's raised arm is blocking her hitbox. According to a response on Twitter, there was a similar case with Mercy in the past. But it only worked with her Resurrection ability, while Kiriko's glitch can be exploited much easier.

Since the release of Overwatch 2, the developers removed three of the heroes to fix their game-breaking bugs. Bastion and Torbjörn were missing for two weeks, along with Mei, which should return from a rework today. Kiriko might receive the same treatment from Blizzard.


FLA Florida Mayhem


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