Overwatch 2 "Fox Girl" support Kiriko trailer leaked, revealing her look, weapons and abilities


YouTube account Kuriboh cervantes posted a video trailer of Overwatch 2's support hero Kiriko. The footage showcased her appearance, weapons, and supposed skillset. It was taken down by Blizzard but is still available across the internet.

The trailer has Spanish dubs and some unfinished segments, but overall looks genuine. In the 9-minute-long footage, Kiriko appears dressed as a Japanese maid. She defends an elderly person and a girl from gangsters. The heroine starts the fight by herself and finishes it by healing and boosting those she was just protecting.

The video doesn't exactly fit the previous ability and image leak. The character looks different, except for the hair color, and doesn't have a robotic arm. It may be that the leak depicts Kiriko's skin, as she will come to the game with an initial cosmetics set.

Her weapon in the video looks like a pair of kunai, not the shuriken. However, these are somewhat close weapon categories. The abilities fit better, but there's no nine-tail spirit fox sending people to another dimension. Actually, the video never shows any spirit fox at all.

Kiriko heals by applying some kind of card. The ally boosting happens after enchanting the surrounding walls and creating a glowing path. She can also apparently teleport. Here is a Tweet with the fragments of the video and a brief summary of the revealed abilities.

Kiriko will arrive with Overwatch 2 launch on October 4. The heroine will be locked behind Battle Pass, although achievable for free as well. It will require reaching a specific tier on BP's "free track."


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