Blizzard's code sheds some light on who will be next Overwatch 2 hero


Blizzard posted a cryptic message about the next Overwatch 2 support hero after Junker Queen ahead of the end of the second beta testing. It appears to be connected to foxes, confirming previous guesses.

Overwatch fan "Hayzelet" spotted the message after the second beta ended and deciphered it from Base64 format. The result was the phrase "What does the fox say?"

The next hero after Junker Queen will be a support, but there were only a few details so far. One of the possible hints was spotted on the new Kanezaka map trailer. There's a moment at 1:17 when players chase a spirit fox.

Fans believe this animal will be the hero with speed-boosting abilities. Later, the creature appeared in Overwatch 2 release trailer.

Some players found out that the character hints go way back to 2019. For example, Game Informer editor Andrew Reiner revealed he saw a character when visiting Blizzard, described as a female with short hair, having a fox creature at her feet. Overwatch Twitter also dropped a mysterious letter, mentioning fox spirits on several occasions.


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