Florida Mayhem player scolds the organization for inappropriate release


Former Florida Mayhem Overwatch player Adam "Adam" Soong scolded the organization after his release. The Australian said the organization didn't talk to him in person, adding that he saw the official statement on his plane home.

He also pointed out that the announcement looks like they tried to hide his departure. The text says Florida Mayhem moved Young-seo "KariV" Park to the coaching staff and added Rupal, and then includes Adam's release.

Florida Mayhem General Manager Albert Yeh responded to Adam on Twitter. He said the release talk happened on Discord and apologized for this approach, stating it was not typical for the club. The organization tried to find him a new home, but it never happened. Albert said he had no intention to hide the announcement.

Since this was an announcement with 3 moving pieces we decided to try something new. Initially, the post was only supposed to be the update letter, but the Rupal graphic got added since he was in the office already. I want to make it clear that there was never any intention or thought put into "hiding" his release. In hindsight, not having a dedicated release post for Adam was definitely a mistake, and while it's too late to change that I will make sure to get that right moving forward.

Albert Yeh, Florida Mayhem General Manager

Adam was signed in November and only played once during OWL 2022 Kickoff Clash. His team lost that match to Dallas Fuel with a score of 1:3.


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