London Spitfire player have been accused of sending explicit pictures to 16-year old


London Spitfire Overwatch team player Owen "prov1de" Warner got into a scandalous situation. His former girlfriend Emma accused him of gaslighting and sending intimate pictures when she was 16. She revealed screenshots of their conversations on Twitter.

Emma posted several dialogues with Warner dating January 2019. At the time, he was 20 years old. These conversations are filled with very intimate topics and implications of sexual activities. One of the messages suggests that Warner sent Emma a picture of his dick.

During the conversation Warner acknowledges that the girl is underaged, even questioning himself on the situation with the phrase "Am I in the wrong?" Emma mentioned that she has several more screenshots, which are even worse, but she doesn't want to show them.

The discord account from the conversations matches prov1de's Twitter id from 2021.

So far, neither London Spitfire nor OWL has commented on the matter. By U.K. laws the age of consent is 16, so this should not lead to legal consequences. But the difference in age may seem a serious concern in the eyes of the community and prov1de's team or OWL.

This is not the first time Warner gets himself into a scandal. In 2020, he was dropped from a Los Angeles Valiant team after using racial slurs against other players. He apologized for the incident and took a break from the competitive scene. After being cleared for professional play Warner resumed his career.


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