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Hangzhou Spark add Guxue, Nosmite


The Overwatch League’s newest, unveiled Chinese team, Hangzhou Spark, made its first roster announcement yesterday. Hangzhou started with the tank line by announcing World Cup star, Xu “Guxue” Qiu-Lin, and X6 Gaming’s Jung “Nosmite” Da-Un, as the first two players to join the Spark. Guxue led Team China to its very first Overwatch World Cup finals appearance this year, while Nosmite has been a consistent tank player with X6 Gaming since 2017.

They are coming, the shield of Hangzhou Spark! (→°ο°)→→
Welcome Guxue and Nosmite!!! pic.twitter.com/7XsUPA5peK

— Hangzhou Spark (@Hangzhou_Spark) November 17, 2018

The signing of Guxue and Nosmite confirms that the Spark will be running with a hybrid roster in Overwatch League Season Two, as many had speculated before. If the rumors are true, the majority of Hangzhou’s lineup will hail from South Korea. Hangzhou has already won over Overwatch League fans with its pink color scheme and its very first roster announcement is promising for a competitive roster as well. As one of the newest teams to join the Overwatch League, Hangzhou is looking good for Season Two.


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