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Dafran not quitting Overwatch, claims to still be on the Reign


Daniel “dafran” Francesca took the Overwatch community by storm earlier this week by announcing his retirement from the game. At the time, he claimed that he left the Atlanta Reign and was not enjoying Overwatch as a game.

Still in ATL Reign, didnt quit like I said. I messed up, dont know what to say except sorry to the community, my fans and ATL. It wasnt jebait, sometimes I have these days and make dumb mistakes. Going forward im going to stream less and focus on making myself and my team better

— dafran (@dafran) November 9, 2018

However, he has since taken back that statement, reaffirming his fans that he will be participating in the Overwatch League. He has also stated that he will stream less and focus more on practice in order to prepare for the Overwatch League.

The Atlanta Reign never made a public statement on the matter and have not responded to press since Dafran announced his retirement. Moving forward, the fans will look forward to seeing one of Overwatch’s earliest carries shine, but dafran’s stability is questionable. Staying out of the limelight and solely focusing on his game just might be what he needs, despite his status as an entertainer in the greater community. Dafran is still one of the most exciting talents of the early days of Overwatch and there’s no doubt that he would be missed.



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