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Ashe PTR Release Date Revealed in Overwatch Developer Update


Overwatch’s 28th hero is coming sooner rather than later. Ashe, a member of the Deadlock gang, was revealed during BlizzCon 2018’s opening ceremony and has fans worldwide excited to test her out.

Lucky for them, Game Director Jeff Kaplan has revealed that the new hero will be available today, November 5, on the PTR.

Ashe made her debut as part of a McCree cinematic that initially had fans thinking a different character, Echo, would be the new hero before being surprised by Ashe’s announcement.

The new hero will be classified as a DPS hero. She wields a Viper rifle, Coach Gun, and Dynamite. Her Viper rifle can be hip fired or zoomed in with the alternate fire button. The Coach Gun provides a knockback that can be used on both Ashe as well as her opponents depending on the need. Finally, her Dynamite is a timed & thrown explosive that can be shot ahead of time if the need strikes hitting opponents nearby.

Drawing an even bigger response from the crowd and fans, Ashe’s Omnic butler B.O.B makes his debut as her ultimate ablity. B.O.B enters the playing field almost as if he’s the team’s seventh hero. During the panel, developers discussed how they had to begin limiting the things B.O.B could do because of just how much of an impact he could make.

You can find the full Developer Update introducing Ashe below.


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