League of Legends patch 13.6 preview: Ashe, Talon buffs, Yuumi, Zeri and early dragons nerfs


Riot Games announced changes for upcoming patch 13.6 in League of Legends. Several champions were adjusted, including Galio, Ashe, Talon, Yuumi, Auelion Sol and Zeri. The reveal arrived on Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison's Twitter.

Several system changes will be implemented to address snowballing playstyles. Nashor's Tooth will be buffed, but early dragons, Bloodthirster, and other items will be nerfed.

Patch 13.6 will be released on March 22, 2023. It will feature the new enchanter support Milio. Earlier, new details of the Darkin assassin Naafiri emerged. Judging by the responses of Nidalee and Milio, the champion will be not just a single wolf or dog but the whole pack of them.


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