Next League of Legends champion Naafiri gets new details based on voice line teasers


New details about the planned League of legends champion, Darkin assassin Naafiri, emerged with the reveal of Milio's voice lines. Also, a recent update has added two of Nidalee's responses. They shed some light on what Naafiri might look like.

Naafiri teaser voice lines

— Ha! Dog beast, I will show you what it means to be a pack mother.

— Dogs? Really Naafiri?


— So many dogs! Which one likes snuggles the most, Naafiri?

— Naafiri, who's a good puppy? You're a good puppy!


Milio's lines imply that Naafiri could be not one wolf but a pack of them or something similar. Right now, we can only guess what her appearance is. She might shift from one personality to another, appear as several creatures, or even be a Cerberus-like creature with multiple heads. It's also weird to hear Milio saying that supposedly demonic creature is cute, but maybe that is the joke.

Milio will come out with patch 13.6 on March 22. There's no information on Naafiri's release. The enchanter may bring some more teasers to the next hero. We gathered what we know at the moment in this article.


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