League of Legends enchanter Milio leaked gameplay released


The upcoming League of Legends champion, enchanter Milio's gameplay was leaked by the insider Big Bad Bear. He posted a video describing his abilities on YouTube.

Milio's Skillset:

  • Q: Milio launches his "fire buddy" that stuns opponent in the center of the landing area and slows others on the edges of it.
  • W: Creates an AoE field around "fire buddy" that increases the cast range, move speed, and attack speed for allied champions. The field can follow allies too.
  • E: Described as a "simple shield" for Milio and an ally.
  • R: Cleanses and heals allies in big AoE.

Recently, Riot Games released the first art and theme of Milio. It appeared surprisingly close to the AI-generated image that Big Bad Bear previously used to give the impression of how the support would look like.


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