TSM Solo begs robbers to return stolen stuff after team car gets broken into. And he actually gets some things back


TSM toplaner Colin "Solo" Earnest reported that somebody broke into their team car and stole some important things from it. According to his words, there were irreplaceable belongings among them. Solo asked to return the stuff on Twitter.

His post provoked many sarcastic comments on Twitter, one of them saying: "This is funny, not that you got robbed, but what you are asking." Others decided to explain to Solo how thieves operate. "Criminals don't care," stated one of them.

Bro, they are robbers, not some upstanding citizens of the community. They aren't going to risk putting themselves in jail by returning your shit because you tweeted about it

Despite all the feedback, 3 hours later, Solo updated the post. Apparently, a person named Mustafa found their backpacks near the place of the robbery and contacted TSM.

In July 2022, Team SoloMid entered into a partnership with GMC, a division of General Motors. It produces SUVs and premium pickup trucks. In early February 2023, the club presented a new branded car.



Solo Colin Earnest


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