Aurelion Sol gameplay update release is delayed, but LoL patch 13.2 might come out as scheduled


Riot Games has updated plans to bring the redesigned Aurelion Sol to the PBE server in League of Legends. The developer Rob "KingCobra" Rosa announced this on Twitter.

Aurelion Sol's rework was supposedly rescheduled due to the hacker attack on the development environment. KingCobra promised to release new footage of the champion's gameplay to get community feedback.

Due to the hacker attack, Riot Games earlier reported a possible date shift for patch 13.2. The update was supposed to come out on January 25, but the developers have not yet announced a final decision on the date. KingCobra's words indirectly imply that the update may arrive on time.

The rework of Aurelion Sol was announced in April 2022. The release of the champion was scheduled for patch 13.3 on February 8th, which is also subject to change because of the attack.


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