Riot Games might change Kayle's ultimate in League of Legends


Riot Games has announced possible changes to Kayle's ultimate in League of Legends. Head of champion development August "August" Browning posted a video showcasing the adjustments on Twitter, which aren't approved by the team yet.

The developers plan to improve her Divine Judgment ability. Kayle will be able to deal damage while invulnerable, opposing the current inability to auto-attack for the time of the ultimate. If the changes are approved, they will require adjustment of animations and visual effects for a few patches before release.

On January 25, League of Legends will get patch 13.2. Many champions will be changed, including Yuumi, Udyr, Zoe, Lillia, and Orianna. There will be system adjustments as well, nerfing Demonic Embrace as "the sleeper OP" of the patch.


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