League of Legends 13.2 patch preview: Udyr and Yuumi nerfs, Zoe and Orianna buffs


League of Legends developers revealed the upcoming changes for patch 13.2. Yuumi and Udyr will receive nerfs, while Zoe and Orianna will be buffed, along with other champions. Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison disclosed the changes on Twitter and spoke about the reasons behind them.

Maokai will suffer the most as the strongest jungler in professional play. The champion is going to be nerfed, but so will the Demonic Embrace, which will affect him too. Phroxzon calls the item "the sleeper OP" of the current meta.

The future patches may see Sylas nerf. He is one of the strongest junglers, but the developers don't want to ban him yet, as "this role flexibility hasn't manifested in Pro Play." Another adjustment awaits mages. Phroxzon says that they would like to buff them, but they are often picked by professionals, which makes the issue harder.

Patch 13.2 will hit the servers on January 25. The final list of changes will be published on the official website the day before the update launch.


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