Riot Games hotfixes Rammus mid-patch 13.1 in League of Legends


Rammus received a non-scheduled balance update during patch 13.1. The champion appeared too weak at the start of the ranked season in League of Legends. According to data miner Spideraxe, Rammus got several buffs to his base stats and one ability.

Rammus buffs

  • Base health increased from 614 to 675
  • Base AD increased from 53 to 55
  • Base armor increased from 36 to 40
  • W flat armor increased from 25 to 35

The game developer Phroxzon explained the buff with a 9% winrate drop, which happened after the latest nerf to the champion's abilities. He also mentioned fixing a bug related to Seraph's shield. It was activated after taking 30% HP as incoming damage instead of at 30% health.

Rammus was nerfed in patch 13.1, which came out on January 10. The next update will arrive on January 25. It will add the new Ahri with updated visuals and possible balance changes.


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