Worlds 2018 champion TheShy permanently banned from Korean ranked for breaking new rule


Weibo Gaming player Kang "TheShy" Seung-lok was permanently banned from Ranked Solo in League of Legends. The account suspension happened while he was streaming live.

TheShy didn't understand what happened and tried reconnecting several times. In the end, he turned off his stream. Most likely, the top laner has broken the new rule recently introduced by LCK. The league announced that all "accounts rented to foreign pros have been suspended".

Since TheShy is playing in LPL, he probably used one of these accounts. Despite the suspension, the Worlds 2018 champion launched a new stream, playing in the Korean solo queue under a hidden name.

LCK started banning accounts in December 2022. These sanctions aim at improving LCK’s competitive environment, with only exceptions for players bootcamping in Korea. LCK press release claims that suspensions will continue for the first quarter of 2023.


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TheShy Kang Seung-lok


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