League of Legends patch 13.1 detailed preview: Mordekaiser won't be nerfed, Xayah and Twisted Fate to be buffed


Riot Games developers posted a League of Legends patch 13.1 detailed preview with some new changes. Mordekaiser will not be changed in this update, while Xayah and Twisted Fate were added to the list of buffed champions. The announcement came out on Ezra "phlox" Lynn's Twitter.

The developer will also boost some underpowered items and adjust Jak'Sho and Serath's Embrace. Legend Tenacity is the only nerf among the system adjustments.

Patch 13.1 will arrive on January 10. This year, Ranked will have two seasons and will require less game wins to move between tiers. You can find the full patch schedule for 2023 here. The first champion to be released in Season 13 will be a male enchanter from Ixtal.


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