DangMoo becomes first female to participate in LCK CL


Korean organization Liiv SANDBOX announced the signing of Jeon "DangMoo" Su-jin to their LSB Challenger roster. This is the first time in history that a female enters the LCK league, even for a low-level scene.

This is also the first contract for the girl too. DangMoo will take the support role on the team but as a substitute: the starting lineup features Hong "PlanB" Jun-seok. Liiv SANDBOX Challengers competes in LCK CL, the tier-2 competition in Korea.

DangMoo is fairly popular in Korea as a content maker. She has over 250,000 subscribers on YouTube, and quite a fanbase on Twitch, currently at 185k followers. Liiv SANDBOX will participate in the Challengers League along with other teams in January 2023, the exact start dates have yet to be announced by the TOs.




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