Next Ixtal enchanter champion in League of Legends leaked, was inspired by Scorbunny Pokemon


New details about the upcoming League of Legends champion have emerged on the web. Previously he was described as a "male Enchanter from Ixtal". Known insider Big Bad Bear shared on YouTube that the character was inspired by evolutions of Scorbunny Pokemon.

According to the insider, the champion should have brown skin and look like "Taliyah's little brother" or Harith from Mobile Legends Bang Bang. He also added that his supposed splash arts have "robot thematics".

His release date is still unknown, but he will probably come out after Aurelion Sol's rework. In November, it became known that the enchanter heals and uses fire spells. After him, a darkin assassin should arrive in LoL.

Earlier, the TFT developer Steven Mortimer revealed the patch schedule for the 13th competitive season in League of Legends. The first 2023 update will come out on January 11.


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