Travis Gafford on changing LCS schedule: "There were no teams who got to vote on this. I know the players association did not get to vote on this"


League of Legends insider Travis Gafford spoke about Riot Games' controversial decision to move the LCS matches to Thursdays and Fridays. He revealed that teams and players weren't invited to be involved in the decision. Also, Gafford implied that some of the LCS leadership could be against that move, especially on the starting matches at 12:00.

It's so hard to believe that these decisions were made [in agreement with the scene]. It feels like they've not convinced anyone from the people I've talked to. Everyone has a pretty high level of skepticism. There are people who are less concerned than I am. But I don't know anyone who is excited about this change.

From my understanding, this was basically unilaterally decided. There were no teams who got to vote on this. I know the players association did not get to vote on this. It was not a decision that was made on the ecosystem level. It was made without that. I know that, at least, some of the LCS leadership was involved in the decision to go with Thursdays and Fridays. Setting this aside, it's not clear to me if the LCS leadership was as down for noon. It's not to say that they weren't. I heard a lot of [things] like, "Oh, this is actually what LCS wants for Thursday and Friday." It's not clear to me that this is not a thing that Global is pushing on the noon thing, which makes me even more concerned.

Travis Gafford

Riot Games' schedule for 2023 came out with drastic changes for the scene. Moving LCS matches to Fridays and Thursdays with a 12:00 PM start wasn't perceived as a positive change. People expected a drop in viewership and criticized it on every level, from casters such as Azael to players such as Doublelift. Even Riot Games employees went on Twitter to disagree with the change.


Doublelift Yiliang Peng


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