Doublelift explains his return: "It was not my choice to retire, to begin with"


LCS star Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng commented on his return from retirement. On a recent stream, the AD carry noted that he didn't pick to retire at first. He wanted to continue playing with TSM.

If you remember, two years ago I was on TSM, we had that unfortunate ending at Worlds 2020. It was not my choice to retire, to begin with. I wanted to keep playing. I wanted to play with SwordArt. If I'd be on the roster instead of Lost, in my opinion, that roster would be actually pretty good.

Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng

After that, Doublelift wanted to find a new team, but the timing was unfortunate, and most prominent teams have already locked his role. Additionally, their CEO Andy "Reginald" Dingh became upset about Yiliang exploring his options elsewhere.

Andy got pissed off that I wasn't even committing to TSM. So he was basically like, "Ok, f**k you, we're going to lock Lost instead, your spot's gone."

Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng

The AD carry had to go full-time streaming, and that was the reason for the second-year break. Doublelift enjoyed streaming so much that he didn't want to come back at the time. His channel also appeared to be very successful, earning him "multiple times more money than he'd make playing pro."

The AD carry will continue his career in 100 Thieves. He said he had several options during the offseason but made the decision based on the roster strength. The money from streaming allowed him not to worry about the salary. With that said, Doublelift doesn't consider the new 100 Thieves lineup a "superteam." He thinks that Team Liquid, with two Worlds-winners, player Pyosik and coach MaRin, fits this definition better.



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