League of Legends patch 12.23 final version: ARAM changes, Dr. Mundo and Kassadin updates, 2023 Ranked season rework


Riot Games released the final version of patch 12.23 for League of Legends. Dr. Mundo and Kassadin were reworked, other changes affected ARAM, several champions, and other elements of the game. A detailed description of the patch was revealed before and is available on our website.

ARAM mode changes

  • Frostgates: Frostgates will be present from the beginning of the game and will teleport you directly from your Nexus to your outer tower. Once your first tower is destroyed, the Frostgate will then link to your team’s inhibitor tower where it will then stay for the remainder of the game.
  • Tower Rubble: When outer towers are destroyed they will collapse and leave behind a pile of rubble which will be treated as new terrain.
  • Brushing Up: There is now one new brush in the middle bottom side of the bridge. The brushes between the outer and inhibitor turrets have also increased in size.
  • Under Repair: The gaps on the bottom side of the bridge have been filled in and are now traversable
  • Not so Fast: Players will no longer be able to activate Battle Boosts within the last 10 seconds of champion select
  • You’re Welcome: Allies will now be able to tell which player gifted their team a Battle Boost
  • Master them All! Players will now be able to see which champions they have not yet received S-Rank Chests for in ARAM champion select

2023 Ranked changes

  • Ranked will have two splits. Split 1 will start at the beginning of the year in January, and Split 2 will start in the middle of the year (exact timing is still TBD).
  • The promotion series between tiers are changing from Best of 5 to Best of 3. Additionally, Riot removes visible rank influence from the matches.

Patch 12.23 came out on December 7. It will become the final update in 2022. Previously, the developers announced a mid-scope update for Jax. They mostly want to remake his ult to make it more exciting to play.


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