Riot Games to nerf early jungling speed in patch 12.23


Riot Games developer Ezra "Phlox" Lynn shed some light on the upcoming changes to jungling in League of Legends. Starting from patch 12.23, the speed of early camp clearing will go down by 5-7%. He revealed these adjustments on Twitter.

Did some smaller adjustments to the jungle for 12.23. Brought down early clear speed by ~5-7% and bumped up lategame sustain a tad. <...> Clarification: first clears have like ~5-7% less DPS due to nerf.

Also added some adjustments to leashing so there's a decent bit more room to kite while clearing.

Ezra "Phlox" Lynn

The jungling changes are unlikely to stay this way further. The developers will continue testing and fixing the following issues, so the result might differ from the initial plan.

We'll be watching jungle pretty closely, it had a lot of changes, and as with any big shift, not everything is going to land perfectly right away.

There will almost surely be more follow-up changes over the next few patches, so if something isn't here yet, don't fear!

Ezra "Phlox" Lynn

Riot Games reworked jungle in patch 12.22, which came out on November 16. They added companions to help clear camps, changed many related stats, and added new mechanics. Patch 12.23 is scheduled for December 7.


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