League of Legends devs to rework Jax and Rell


Riot Games has announced two mid-scope updates of Jax and Rell in League of Legends. The information was shared by lead champion designer August "August" Browning on Twitter.

The studio just started working on the characters and is not yet ready to share details about the reworks. Jax is getting some minor tweaks to improve his ultimate.

August also mentioned when the new Neeko is going to arrive. Supposedly, Riot will finish the rework at the beginning of 2023. There was a supposed leak of her kit earlier, but Big Bad Bear, who shared this information, warned of a possible fake.

The release date for Jax and Rell has not been specified. There are no details on Rell's rework yet, but earlier an insider published the reworked abilities of the champion on Reddit.


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