Zeri reworked abilities coming to PBE in League of Legends. Here's all the changes


Riot Games developers will update Zeri's skillset in the nearby future. They announced several changes to almost every ability in an attempt to balance the troublesome champion. Riot Games Tim "TheTruexy" posted the list of upcoming adjustments on Twiter.

The changes should be already added to the PBE servers at the time of publication.

Zeri was quite a problem since her release in early 2022. For the first half of the year, the champion was dominating the servers, even in professional play. Riot Games addressed the issue in several patches before eventually nerfing her to the ground.

Considering this, the AD сarry might receive some additional changes during the PBE testing. There's currently no date for Zeri's return to live servers in this new state.


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