Insider reveals Neeko's reworked abilities in mid-scope update


Riot Games will rework Neeko in a mid-scope update to the champion. Insider Big Bad Bear shared a rumor about her reworked kit. He warned that the source is not very reliable in this case and even added that he believed it was fake, so you should take it with a grain of salt.

Her current W passive will become P passive with an upgrade. Instead of the third attack dealing bonus damage, it will be treated as a triple auto-attack. Q and E will remain almost the same with some minor changes. Same with the R, which will create three bursts instead of one. With the last, Neeko will leap, dealing damage and gaining a shield based on the number of opponents hit.

New W Shapesplitter is the biggest change. The ability will grant invisibility to an ally for 0.5 seconds. Neeko will disguise herself as this champion for 3 seconds and create a clone. All of them will receive a 20% speed bonus.


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