Wooloo: Rekkles will return to Fnatic, keeping his role


Bot lane star player for Karmine Corp, Martin "Rekkles" Larsson, is going to return to his home organization Fnatic. He will play as AD Carry. The information came from a reputable insider Brieuc "Wooloo" Seeger, specializing in LEC leaks and rumors.

Days before, Rekkles revealed that he had a difficult career situation. Despite leaving G2, the AD Carry couldn't find a new team in LEC due to an expensive buyout, which was quite high. He even thought about switching to support to solve these issues.

Rekkles played for Fnatic three times already, in 2012, 2014, and 2015-2020. His name is associated with the org, thanks to multiple wins with the club and the grand-final appearance at Worlds 2018 where they lost to IG. If the Swede will end up in Fnatic, he will replace Upset.

Fnatic possible lineup


FNC Fnatic

KC Karmine Corp

Rekkles Martin Larsson

Upset Elias Lipp


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