Worlds 2022 beats another peak viewership record, now above 5 mln


League of Legends World Championship 2022 set a new bar for peak viewership in the history of the game. The final numbers, according to Esports Charts, are 5.14 mln, simultaneous viewers. Note that they don't account for Chinese broadcasts.

Worlds 2022 outperformed last year by one million. The result puts the event in second place in Esports history. Only Free Fire World Series Singapore 2021 had better numbers with 5.41 mln. They include Chinese streams but the following from China for that game is not as high as in LoL.

Top-5 events in esports by peak viewership. Source: Esports Charts

The record doesn't reflect the watched hours, usually a more important factor for sponsors. Worlds 2022 fell back behind the previous year by quite a lot. It accumulated 142 mln compared to 175 mln of Words 2021 watched hours.

Top-5 LoL events by hours watched. Source: Esports Charts

Worlds 2022 took place in Mexico and USA from September 29 to November 5 with 24 teams. In the grand final, DRX defeated T1 in close series, recording a score of 3:2. The prize pool of the event was $2.225 mln.


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World Championship 2022

Start Date 2022-09-29
Prize Pool $ 2,250,000