Rekkles talks about his issues in G2: buyout was too big, salary was laughable to stay inactive, says he might try another role


Karmine Corp superstar Martin "Rekkles" Larsson shared his experience after going inactive in G2 Esports at the end of 2021. On his stream, he claimed that he had multiple options to join but the buyout was too high. G2 did lower the sum but it was too late, when most of the deals have already happened.

He chose Karmine Corp because his salary on the bench would be almost non-existent: only a 6%. Also, not playing for two years "would've killed him." Now he wants to join a LEC team but his buyout is still very high because of the bar that G2 has set previously.

Rekkles thinks about switching to support to avoid most of these problems. He is sure he knows the role pretty well after playing alongside it for 12 years on the bot lane. He thinks he has all that it takes to learn new champions and excel at this position.

Rekkles was mostly known for his time in Fnatic. The AD carry won several LEC splits with the team and placed 2nd at Worlds 2018. He joined G2 in 2021 and played one full season but didn't achieve as much. The team didn't make it to Worlds that year and underwent a rebuild. Back then, G2 CEO Carlos "ocelote" Rodriguez claimed that the buyout for Rekkles was 1.5 mln euros, and that it was "below the market price."


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