DRX are Worlds 2022 champions, first ever to take trophy from Play-in


Korean squad DRX became Worlds 2022 champions after beating T1 in grand final. It was a very close game, which ended with a 3:2 score.

T1 took the lead in the first half of the series with 2:1 score. But after the third game DRX managed to win two in a row and take the trophy.

It was the first time in Worlds history a team from Play-in competed in the grand final, and DRX showed up ready to fight. They had a flawless Play-in and took the first spot in Group Stage. To reach the final, DRX beaten EDward Gaming and Gen.G Esports. Faker was also beating records on this event, being the first to reach five grand finals.

For winning the Worlds 2022, DRX will receive 22% of the prize pool. The initial sum is 2,2 mln, so they will get at least 489k. T1 will receive 333k.

The grand final was held in San Francisco, in Chase Arena. The show opened with performances from Lil Nas X, Jackson Wang, Edda Hayes, and Louis Leibfried.




Faker Lee Sang-hyeok


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World Championship 2022

Start Date 2022-09-29
Prize Pool $ 2,250,000