DRX sets new record, going from Play-in to grand final of Worlds 2022


DRX became the first team in the history of League of Legends World Championships to ever go all the way from the Play-in stage to the grand final of Worlds 2022. Their Korean derby in the semis against Gen.G ended with a 3:1 score.

DRX barely qualified for Worlds. They had to win two full bo5s to get out of regional qualifiers. But when they came to Play-in, they were flawless, finishing 1st with zero losses. The group stage wasn't that easy, but still, the Koreans had beaten Rogue in tiebreakers and got into playoffs as the first seed.

Their opponent in the grand final will be T1 with Faker, who made a history of his own. The legendary player reached his fifth grand final and might win the fourth title at Worlds. The match will be held in San Francisco on November 5.



Faker Lee Sang-hyeok


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World Championship 2022

Start Date 2022-09-29
Prize Pool $ 2,250,000