League of Legends patch 12.21 details: Xin Zhao and Corki buffs, Miss Fortune and Bel'Veth nerfs


The upcoming patch 12.21 for League of Legends just received a detailed patchnote. Corki, Ahri, and other heroes were buffed, while Blitzcrank, Miss Fortune, and Bel'Veth received some nerfs. Riot Games developer Matt "Phroxzon" Leung-Harrison posted the adjustment descriptions on Twitter.

The update is a minor one, as the team is focusing on preseason adjustments.

Patch 12.21 will go out on November 2. The complete list of changes will appear on the official website a day before that. The update will field the new champion K'Sante who already received some buffs. Apparently, the hero was too weak in his initial state. The patch marks the end of the current LoL ranked season, which will end on November 14.


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