Riot Games buffs K'Sante before release


The next League of Legends champion, K'Sante, received a buff prior to his release. The character's testing revealed that he might come out too weak. The developer Pherek posted the update on Reddit.

K'Sante will get a bonus for his Ntofo Strikes and the passive ability. Additionally, The Pride of Nazumah's ultimate was also adjusted by the balancing team.

Dauntless Instinct (P)

  1. Passive % max HP :: 1/1.25/1.5 at levels 1/6/11 -> 1/1.33/1.66/2 at levels 1/6/11/16

Ntofo Strikes (Q)

  1. Q Damage tank scaling :: 50% AD -> 40% AD + 30% AR/MR + 5 base

All Out (R)

  1. All Out AD conversion :: AR/MR to AD 22.5% -> 32.5%

Bug Fixes

  • Casting Footwork (E) while displaced should no longer send K’Sante to unintended locations
  • Casting All Out (R) on a target that is affected by hard CC effects during the ability cast should no longer lock K’Sante and his target out of all actions
  • Sources of temporary resists during All Out (R) should no longer reduce K’Sante’s resists further on expiration
  • K’Sante All Out (R) should no longer be able to knock back enemies from top lane alcove to base on Summoner’s Rift

K'Sante will be out on November 3, prior to the grand final of World Championship 2022. He will become the first top laner in 19 months. The next champions after him will be a Darkin assassin and a male enchanter.


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