Next LoL toplane tank hero gameplay showcased in trailer. What K'Sante's skills and abilities do?


Riot Games revealed the gameplay footage for K'Sante, the upcoming League of Legends toplane tank champion. They've shown his skills and abilities, this time not hiding the HUD. A lot of his set depends on his weapons, ntofos, and their transformation.

There are no names for the abilities, only icons. But we can partially assume what they do.

Q — Supposedly cheap spammable ability. The effect is unclear, but it seems it may change depending on the stage of ntofos.

W — Allows K'Sante to knock back opponents. The traveling distance, and possibly damage, depends on how long K'Sante is charging it.

E — Shielding ability that might also work with his Q.

R — K'Sante gets a buff and seemingly can charge his opponent over walls. His attack speed increases and the weapons change. This supposedly has the most impact on his attacks and Q.

K'Sante will be the first tank hero since 2017 and the first black gay character in the game. The LGBT icon Lil Nas X became a co-author of a prestige set for K'Sante that will be available with the champion release. It will supposedly happen in the offseason.


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