Rekkles lashes out at Cloud9 over their macro at Worlds: "I'm losing my mind watching this"


Karmine Corp player Martin "Rekkles" Larsson criticized Cloud9 for their in-game decisions in a game against T1 at League of Legends World Championship 2022. He watched the match, streaming it on his channel on Twitch, and judged every NA macro move.

After a series of sarcastic comments over Cloud9's fights, Rekkles finished his rant with a conclusion:

Ff, please, ff… I'm losing my mind watching this. They are so bad. I'm sorry to say this, but they are so bad. Cloud9 lost that bo1 to T1.

Martin "Rekkles" Larsson

The NA team hit rock bottom of their group with a record of 0-3. Every other roster in the chart is 2-1. Their next opponent will be Fnatic. They'll face each other on October 13.

Worlds 2022 is running from September 29 to November 5 in the US and Mexico. The $2,2 mln prize pool is awaiting to be split between 24 teams. The other group leaders, JD Gaming, Royal Never Give Up, and Rogue, are all going flawless so far.



C9 Cloud9

Rekkles Martin Larsson


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World Championship 2022

Start Date 2022-09-29
Prize Pool $ 2,250,000