T1 bans fans from getting close to players following continuing harassment such as Faker's case


T1 put out a statement restricting League of Legends fans from appearing around their headquarters and offices, practice facilities, and players' homes. The organization wants them to respect privacy and let the team prepare in peace.

T1 uses COVID-19 safety measures to stop them from approaching and getting in direct contact with the players. This may be a disappointing turn for those fans who were used to various activities and a certain amount of access to the organization.

These measures come after continuing harassment and toxic behavior by the fans. In early August, they hired a truck and sent it to LoL Park in Seoul with a message demanding to remove the head coach. Before that, T1 and Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok filed a lawsuit against a group of fans who were harassing the superstar and his family online.

T1 are not the only ones suffering from an overactive community lately. For example, DAMWON and KT Rolster have similar issues, involving such incidents as getting a weapon delivered to their training base.



Faker Lee Sang-hyeok


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