T1 and Gen.G qualified for Worlds 2022


T1 and Gen.G qualified for Worlds 2022. LCK Summer 2022 season isn't over yet, but regardless of the result, both Korean powerhouses will get to the main tournament of the year.

T1 and Gen.G will have to fight in the finals of LCK Summer 2022 to determine the best team of the split. But the results won't matter for Worlds attendance, because while one team will be invited as the champion of this split, another will have enough points to qualify for event.

Earlier G2 Esports became the first team to qualify for the event in the same manner. There will be 12 teams who will be placed directly in the group stage, and 12 more in the Play-In.

Worlds 2022 will be held in USA and Mexico from September 29 to November 5. 24 squads will compete for the prize pool of 2.225 mln and the title of the best team in the world.


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