Tyler1 exposes amateur team coach and her jungler boosting account on stream. They are being fired


Famous streamer Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp spotted two win-trading accounts in a League of Legends game. After a 16-minute lost match, Tyler1 analyzed the account and realized it was boosted. He checked on Twitter to double-check the profile.

The player worked with a jungler and win-traded to boost the account. Tyler1 mocked the person in front of a 20k audience and claimed that "NA is doomed."

I don't want to be an asshole, calling people out, or anything like that. But we are surely not going to our Twitter, saying: "After months of grinding, I went through joy and tilt, and I have finally reached Masters" and posting it on Twitter. We're not, bro, cmon. And you sit here, getting your account boosted, dual queue sniping, having him win-trade for you. C'mon bro. F**king hell, dude, NA is doomed. Jesus Christ, man.

Tyler "Tyler1" Steinkamp

The player in question, Naomie "Chokovanille" Fontaine appeared to be an assistant coach and a manager for the several teams competing in PGCQ. The jungler who boosted her was Vincent "Anti" Filosa, playing in her squad Team Ambition Sussy.

Following the incident, the team's head coach and GM, Luis "Rey" Lagunes, came on Twitter to announce the firing of both involved members.


TAB Team Ambition Black

Tyler1 Tyler Steinkamp

Rey Luis Lagunes


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