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SKT Were a Year Late with Breaking the Roster


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Today SKT gutted the entire roster and removed everyone except Faker. If you were to ask me, this move has come an year late. This could be considered a strange statement to make as they got to second place at Worlds 2017.

However the way they got to that finish wasn’t a team effort, it was an individual effort. SKT as a team lost in the quarterfinals of Worlds 2017. Faker as a player got to the finals that year. I’m not knowledgeable in League of Legends at all, but I can recognize a player carrying four dead bodies around.

In that tournament, Faker was carrying four dead bodies around. While that is one of my favorite type of performances to watch in a team game, that also means the team was effectively dead. Finally, there is no top team in the world that can be a consistently great team off of pulling out miracle performances from a single player. The changes should have happened last year, but I think SKT got caught in a bounded rationality loop. It had worked for them for years before so they convinced themselves that it would continue to keep working for years to come. Now that they’ve been punished for it, they have realized that it’s time to hit the reset button and build a new core of players around Faker.

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