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4 protect five disbands


The Swedish team created in early 2017 decided to disband their roster and part ways. Previously the team was known as IKEA, but they were asked by Valve to change their name after they were qualified for The Kiev Major Europe Qualifier.

Earlier the team failed to make it through the regional qualifiers for The Kiev Major 2017 and The International 2017. The team was invited to take part in the closed qualifiers for SL i-League Invitational 3, but they didn’t play a single map due to the disband of the roster.

Recently it leaked out, that Five and eskillz will play with Loda and AdmiralBulldog in the European open qualifiers for DreamLeague Season 8.

The roster of 4 protect five looked as follows:

· Adam «Five» Grönberg

· Dennis «Flens» Brofalk

· Alexander «etakaka» Lindström

· Eskil «eskillz» Sundblad

· Josef «DancingDragon» Bernhardsson


4p5 4 protect five


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