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Vega may make changes to their roster


Recently the management of the Russian multigaming organization Vega Squadron  announced that its Dota 2 roster has some internal problems that may result in “serious changes”. The organization is looking for a way to resolve the issue, meanwhile Airat "Silent" Gaziev will be replaced by Bakyt "Zayac" Emilzhanov from MVP Revolution.

Vega Squadron esports director Geory "drAmer" Faleev commented on the situation:

“Dota 2 results for the last 2 weeks have been highly unsatisfying, some problems come from inside the team and probably require serious changes, even replacements. For the following couple days we will try to refresh the roster a little bit and today we will be playing with Zayac instead of Silent. Final changes in the roster will be announced soon.”

It should be noted, that Vega Squadron is one of the teams that decided to keep their roster after their fiasco at The International 2017 Qualifier. The current roster was formed in April 2017.


Vega Vega Squadron

Silent Airat Gaziev


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