Team Liquid wins Dota 2 pub game with 0 kills and 0 deaths, abusing Chen-Underlord combo


Team Liquid released a video about their Dota 2 lineup trying to beat the challenge of winning a match without dying or killing even once. They claimed this was "never done before" in Dota 2. They almost managed to do this, if not account for a game lagging in a crucial moment.

The rules were quite simple: win in five attempts. Liquid lost heroes in the first two, and in the third, Nisha got cliffed and couldn't survive. In the fourth game, an opponent died in a fight from a tower damage.

On their 5th try, Liquid came up with a strategy that shouldn't involve heroes in the siege. They used skeletons and summons to teleport them with the Underlord to the enemy base. At minute 20, the units were taking down the T4 towers. Unfortunately, 33 lagged out in the crucial moment and died right before Liquid destroyed the Ancient.

The game should've been played on a relatively high skill level. It's hard to estimate if anyone managed to do anything like this before in a proper match. In the end, players were happy with beating the challenge, blaming Dota for failing their run.


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