BoBoKa plays Terrorblade support with 100% win rate in Dota 2 pubs


G2.iG support Ye "BoBoKa" Zhibiao has been successfully experimenting with Terrorblade support in Dota 2 matchmaking. He picked the hero five times after patch 7.35c came out and won all the matches, according to Dota2ProTracker.

Some other professional players, such as tOfu and Saksa also picked Terrorblade as position 4 support. The results weren't as impressive but still mostly positive. The key idea is to max out Reflection and use the level 10 talent that reduces cooldown for 4 seconds. Metamorphosis is another tool that allows lane domination.

Source: Dota2ProTracker

However, BoBoKa's approach didn't translate well into professional play. The Chinese player tried to pick him once in a match against Falcons but lost.

The trend of Terrorblade support seemingly started after patch 7.35c, released on February 22. His basic Strength was buffed by two points, and his Reflection cooldown was decreased by two seconds at every level of the skill.


G2.iG G2.Invictus Gaming

BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao

Saksa Martin Sazdov

tOfu Erik Engel


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