Dota 2 patch 7.35c nerfs Meepo, Ember, Dragon Knight — and that means Crownfall won't be released soon


Valve Corporation released an update 7.35c for Dota 2. In it, the developers addressed some of the popular heroes with nerfs, and worked on the item balance. The full list of changes was shared on the official site.

The main focus of the update were overperforming heroes, like Meepo. He lost 10% of the stats gained from other Meepos with Megameepo, and now restores less health with the Dig. It already affected hero's winrate in a significant manner — he lost almost 5%, down to 50%.

The patch release right now means that the long-awaited Crownfall update still needs some time to be completed. It's unlikely the developers would release a letter patch that close to a major update, which most likely will include a new hero, Ringmaster. According to the dataminers, the event will revolve around Skywrath Mage and Vengeful Spirit, who will get the Arcana items with the patch.


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