Mad Kings StingeR gets banned mid-match at DreamLeague qualifier after sharing account with Parker


Mad Kings support Steven "StingeR" Vargas got banned by Valve in the middle of a professional match, supposedly for sharing account with his teammate David "Parker" Nicho Flores. The incident happened at DreamLeague S22 closed qualifier.

Mad Kings got a default loss in the match after StingeR couldn't rejoin the server. ESL didn't officially comment on the situation. Parker wasn't banned, to the surprise of the casters.

Previously, fans spotted Parker playing on StingeR's account in matchmaking. The accusations were he was "boosting" his teammate. The carry later admitted he did use it, because he couldn't play on his main account.

StingeR got blocked during the massive ban wave from Valve to target smurfing. The publisher hit alternative accounts of Yuragi, Fishman, Nightfall, and watson, famously topping the European ladder with his smurf and main accounts in the past.

Mad Kings' opponent, Thunder Awaken got the 2:0 victory and lost in the next round to Invaders. They will face Heroic in the loser bracket final.


THUNDER Thunder Awaken

MK Mad Kings

StingeR Steven Edwin Vargas Mamani

Parker David Nicho Flores


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DreamLeague S22

Start Date 2024-02-25
Prize Pool $ 1,000,000