Xxs: BoBoKa allegedly refused to communicate during match for TI12 slot, caused departure of LaNm after TI11


Team Aster's offlaner Lin "Xxs" Jing explained why the team parted ways with Ye "BoBoKa" Jibiao after elimination from IO Eports Bali Major 2023 in Dota 2. A screenshot of the alleged player's statements with the details emerged on Chinese social networks.

According to Xxs, at DreamLeague Season 20, they had an internal conflict. Because of it, BoBoKa did not want to go to Bali Major and just messed around during this time: "Every time the coach asked him about something, he would just say, 'Yeah, whatever'."

At a time when they needed to focus on the TI12 qualifying match against 9Pandas, BoBoKa acted unprofessionally and refused to communicate. Xxs revealed that all the teammates refused to play with the support afterwards.

Apparently, this behavior has been lasting for a long time and was the reason for the departure of their coach Zhang "LaNm" Zhicheng, after The International 2022, where they took fourth place.

Xxs said BoBoKa's style and understanding of the game were fine, but his professional qualities were questionable. The player "never treated a teammate like a normal human being." Despite what happened, Xxs said Syed "SumaiL" Hassan will continue with Aster.

Team Aster took 9th-12th place at Bali Major 2023. The team did not earn enough DPC points for direct qualification for The International 2023. BoBoKa left the team after the tournament. Rumor has it team co-owner BurNing asked him to stay. The support and Xxs had the longest-lasting duo in Dota 2.


LaNm Zhang Zhicheng

Sumail Syed Sumail Hassan

BoBoKa Ye Zhibiao

Xxs Lin Jing


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